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Don’t Hesitate

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate

I like to do some of my writing using the Daily Prompt, but I also find it very important to keep my blog focused on its intention (to help veterans find the healing they need). Today’s word prompt “hesitate” came at the perfect moment for what I was writing about anyway.

My cousin forwarded this post on Facebook today written by Lawrence Tremblay.  I figured since my blog is about healing and I myself am trying to heal from PTSD then I shouldn’t hesitate to post it here as well.

Lawrence shared a link to Camp Hope below.

Buddy Check: Could at least one of my Facebook friends please copy and repost (not share)?
PTSD Foundation/Camp Hope
PTSD Veteran Line
877-717-PTSD (7873)
Veterans Suicide Hotline

Please,(using the daily word prompt) don’t hesitate to find help if you think you or a loved one needs it.

I am finding help through the VA(which is much better than their reputation from the past has stigmatized them to be). The DAV helped me to get my service related disability status. Saratoga Warhorse and other forms of equine therapy are great for some people. I loved the experience with them so much that I wrote a song about them and made a video “Hero Look me in the Eyes“.

Of course there is Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing that has made major changes in my outlook on life; and I have only been with them since last July. The thing is, there are people that can help.

I have suffered from PTSD and related disorders for 25 or more years; because I hesitated!  I may never heal. My marriage may never be what it could have been. If I were able to maintain a job over the years, I may not have had the financial problems I have had. PTSD is serious. There may not be a cure, but there are answers; and there are a variety of coping skills. You or your loved one should be able to find at least one strategy that is right for him/her. I am not using the word as a joke just to use it.  I really mean it from deep in my heart. Do not hesitate!  Meaningful, pleasurable life can exist; even with PTSD.






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