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Veterans for Standing Rock

As a veteran and now a fly fisherman, I have seen my share of destruction to pure waters and to land. When I see what Native Americans are going through trying to protect their own waters it shames me to appear that I am part of the side that would choose to stand on the side of the government. As I said, I am a veteran. I am a patriot. I believe in doing what is right for our country. I do not believe that destroying our land, the Native American land, or as they see it the land that belongs to no man but is here for all to share.

I can write all I want about how fly fishing gives me the peace I need to heal when at my worst with PTSD and Dissociative Amnesia, but the continuance of the purposeful destruction of the pure waters not only takes away drinking water, but fishing waters and waters used in every aspect of life.

I wish I could physically stand at Standing Rock and let the Native Americans know that I share their cause. I believe in what they believe in this situation.

Here in NY we are also fighting a pipeline threatening to be installed. There are always alternate ways, but money always seems to win. I am joyed to see that there are so many support groups standing for what is right. The most important part of my healing process and that of others like me (which is what my site is about) is not the fishing or the equine therapy alone. Nature is the key to both of those; getting away for peace time. The most therapeutic thing for me is meeting people who truly care. People that volunteer for us at Healing Waters, Saratoga War Horse and other groups without thought of repayment, they are the ones that help me heal the most.

Seeing that good people still exist in a corrupt world is probably the best cure for PTSD as far as I am concerned. Those in support of the natives at Standing Rock are high on my list as far as examples go.




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