Two Days in a Row

After a week of anxiety and depression I woke this morning feeling good for the second day in a row.  For some of you that isn’t much of a record, but for me it is a bar set high.  I have a few chores to do around the house that will likely take the rest of the week; but then next week if the weather stays fairly nice it is time to get rid of the cabin fever!

Trout  season here in NY for the most part does not start until April 1st but there are a few places close by that they stock often and are open year ’round.  I have tied so many flies this winter.  I just have to get out and soak them in a stream. There really isn’t a hatch of any sort that I’ve noticed or heard of so i’ll try a few small nymphs at the bottom of some deeper pools. I have noticed worms crawling near the surface of the ground, so I’ll likely drop a few small ones that I’ve made in as well.

Lets go for two weeks of happiness instead of two days this time. I’m even OK with Mondays being miserable like everyone else’s.  Not that’s a goal!

(Please Remember that I get much of my healing support from Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. Please do what you can to help a disabled veteran find a chapter in their home area and maybe make a donation to them if you can.)

Author: Charles Bombard @ Healing on the fly

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4 thoughts on “Two Days in a Row”

  1. I wonder how the NY trouts did after this dry fall.. the stream behind my house was all dried up and unless there was a deep puddle I am afraid my tree-trout (little 10 inch hanging out under a treeroot in the stream) might be gone.
    I havn’t tied any flies this winter, really should do that instead of wasting time watching TV in the evening


    1. I was out in Roscoe with healing waters in September. There was no water at all. If they are any size at all then they know how to survive droughts and find dark areas to hide from predators. Stocked trout are different. They are like any other kid these days. They expect everything handed to them. They probably waited for the hatchery to add water and throw them pellets. We’ll see. I just need to get out there. I don’t care if it is just to check my waders for leaks and see if my cast can land in the water.

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      1. Love Roscoe.. have you visited that “fly fishing museum” ? We usually camp close by at Mongaup Pond and always catch something in that pond.. even if its just a few sunnies or bluegills.


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