Just Another Heartfelt Mention

As you know from my post the other day Remembering a Hero  America lost a true friend in SFC Brian Mancini.  When I was just searching for the ABC Special that I shared in my last post Gala for Saratoga Warhorse I happened to see Brian’s face.  Brian attended another form of equine therapy and a small segment of his experience is in this YouTube video.  I never met him when he was alive, so it was nice to see video of when he was.

I do not know how Brian died and I am not going to blame his PTSD or other war wounds unless they are factual.  I do know for a fact although, as a person that has been suffering with PTSD for 20, 25, maybe even more years, it is a killer.  Without constant therapy it is nearly impossible to want to live.

I did read Brian’s obituary to find out more about him.  I was amazed how many things he did to try helping others like himself.  I try to do the same but I cannot compare. It takes everyone to chip in on helping veterans.  I am one but I am not speaking for my own benefit.

When I say please help, I am begging. Your donation of time or money will save lives; many of which would have been death by suicide. The thought comes and goes for me and others like me.  This has been a good week, but as Brian says in the above video “It’s a roller coaster”

So do not think that you cannot make a difference or that someone else should do it.  Do what you can and do it right away. PLEASE!

Author: Charles Bombard @ Healing on the fly

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