I’m a Kid Again.

I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to write. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it is just that I have my first grandchild (granddaughter) due in 12 weeks and my daughter lives at home. 

I’m getting as much as I can done as fast as I can to get the house ready for her. Back in December the ceiling caved in several rooms of our house. We knew the roof was bad but thought it could be put off until spring. We were were wrong!  I tried doing the roof myself, due to lack of funds but I really wasn’t skilled enough. Between rain and rotted wood and my PTSD I became very depressed. I literally cried out on Facebook for help and people came in numbers.  If you doubt that there are still good people in the world, that is not at all true. 

The interior work I have been doing little at a time. I can do that. Right now I am working on making one room into a nursery. I found that the exterior wall is more rotted than it seemed until I took the Sheetrock down. I had to rebuild and reinforce a lot of that.  After this is done, I have to redo a bathroom because the one operable one we have has a shower only. We need a bath for that grand baby before she is born. I definitely don’t want to expose her to rot and mold and dust etc. 

So why am I happy and feeling like a kid again with all this stress. Because I have PTSD and it is under control through it all. Plus I haven’t had to give up my fly tying or rod building. 

Again thanks to nice people I have supplies. Fly tying is fairly expensive but people like William from Eastern Trophies constantly helping me with materials and personal one on one instruction, Nicole March at the Quilted Tyler teaching me how to tie trout flies, giving me material and volunteering her time to help me and other disabled veterans at our local Project Healing Waters, and people from all over the country reading my blog, twitter and Facebook posts sending me beautiful feathers making it feel like Christmas every day.

( These beautiful feathers came in a package today from an Native American reservation in Missouri.)
Then to top it all off, trout season starts Saturday! So yes, I’m feeling like a kid and it is mostly due to wonderful people who care. Not just because I am a veteran, but because they are just awesome people!  

So I just wanted to thank everyone. The people that have helped me with the house. My daughter for bringing new life into my home, the people teaching me to learn how to stay calm by getting out on a stream to fly fish, tie flies etc, and all who read and communicate with me through my posts. I am stuck at home a lot and this it often the only way I do get to socialize. 

Thank You All!

Today’s Salmon Fly. Tail is from yellow parrot feather I received in the package of feathers today. 

Author: Charles Bombard @ Healing on the fly

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