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Selling Hat Pin/Flies Representing Military Service Ribbons. Proceeds Go To Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. 

In my effort to return appreciation to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing I am starting to make the military campaign hat pins. Yesterday I posted a prototype of my Vietnam service ribbon fly and today I made this Iraqi Freedom fly to go with that campaign ribbon. I plan to design one for every war since WWII and then also honorable award ribbons from each branch of service. 

If anyone is interested in buying a service ribbon fly, I am selling them now for $5.95 with free shipping. They are taking me 30-40 minutes to make right now with these disabled veteran hands, so that is not asking for much. Remember that I am 100% disabled so there will be imperfections but only slight. 

These are size 2, 4x long streamer hooks. For hat pins I am of course dulling the point. I can make any of these as a useable fly as well, instead of pin for the same price. 

If you want a matching pin and useable fly I will take $1 the second and each additional fly.  If you are interested, send me a message. I will make any service ribbon. I will send a picture for your approval before I ship them. 

For every fly sold I will donate $3.00 to Healing Waters. The rest of the money will go toward materials and shipping. I will take nothing for myself. That is my donation to the organization. 

Please message me with interests. I will set up PayPal for Flies For Life by Monday. 

Please share on all social media. This is a great organization that is really giving me a new outlook on life. I want to help them to help others like me. It may not be much, but it is what I can do from home. I plan to buy actual ribbons from PX next time I am there to get accurate colors and measurements. If you buy one, it will be right. 

Note: I will not sell a Medal of Honor. If it is for a recipient I will try to make one free of charge. If not, you don’t get one!

(Notice I have regular hat pin pinch clasp now instead of broach pin also.)

Iraqi Campaign Ribbon




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