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Long Cold Days

via Daily Prompt: Forlorn

I like to write blog posts based on these one word daily prompts, but it has ben a while since I have done so.  Yesterday the word was funnel.  If you read what I wrote, you can probably tell that I am a little rusty.  Plus, I want to keep my blogs on topic of what my site is about.  I don’t just want to write a random article about funnels.  My site is about fishing; especially fly fishing.  It’s about my war related disabilities, and how Project Healing Waters has been helping me.  It’s about displaying, and selling some of my custom rods and flies.  Most of all it’s about wanting to give back to those who do for me and other unfortunate veterans that can’t live life to its fullest without assistance.

Today’s Daily Prompt word is “forlorn”.  That is a pretty easy one for a man with PTSD, dissociative amnesia and hands that tremor so bad that I can’t use the laptop mouse, or even type without often hitting the wrong keys.  One of my biggest stress relievers is fishing.  But, we have set a record here in NY as of yesterday.  We went 12 days without hitting a high of 20 degrees farenheit.  That is a sad record if I can say so.  It has kept my arthritic bones at home near the wood stove.  It’s easy to be depressed when your family is at work and your alone all day, most of the time.

Usually when I’m looking for ways to keep from this forlorn feeling, I build fishing rods, tie flies or enjoy the time I can spend watching my 6 month old granddaughter Quinn 2 1/2 days a week.  This week as I said has just been a bummer.  It has all been about keeping that baby warm during the day, and all of us at night.  Between carrying in more firewood than normal, and fixing the overrun boiler this week, smiles have been hard to find.  In fact, I burnt the last of my firewood last night.

Today is a new day, with a new outlook though.  It finally made it above 20 degrees!  It is like 22.  I’m probably going to sweat out there in the woods cutting firewood.  By the end of the week though we are supposed to get unseasonably warm to about 50.  That is a great day to go fishing!

So, it isn’t that bad after all.  Even though I was a little sarcastic about the joy of cutting the firewood; not really.  At least I will be out in nature for a while.  Talking to you all through my writing, especially when I get responses is a picker upper to.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  I can’t promise daily, but I will be writing much more.  I won’t be so depressing all the time either.  It is just hard not to be when the word of the day is “forlorn.”






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