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Where Are They When You Need One

via Daily Prompt: Funnel

As many funnels as I seem to buy, they should be laying everywhere around my house, garage, truck and probably in the yard.  Yet, whenever I need one I can’t find it.  If I need to add oil to a lawnmower or other small engine, it would be nice to not make a mess for once.  There are so many alternatives, and I think I’ve used them all.  I’ve cut plastic bottles, folded paper, cardboard, etc.; but why can I never find my funnels?  Did someone stick them in the dryer with the socks?

The plastic ones like in the picture above come in a set.  I don’t know how many times I have bought them.  It seems that I can go outside and find a plastic Air Soft BB on the ground after mowing the lawn then I can find a funnel to add oil before I mow.  That is not a stretch either.  My sons are adults now and I still find those BB’s from over ten years ago.  I guess they are not bio-degradable!

New Years Eve was the most recent issue though.  I don’t usually drink much, but I was going to my mother’s house to have a party with my granddaughter, all the young, old and others in my family that don’t go out.  That was a big crowd this year because it was -20 degrees outside.

So I decided to carry a small flask.  To my surprise, I found a kitchen funnel!  Maybe the New Year was going to be a change of luck I wondered.  Of course not!  I don’t know why they made the hole in the flask so small, but even the small funnel I had was too big.  I couldn’t believe it.  I swore that the funnel problem was going to drive me to drink!  I looked for a turkey baster but couldn’t find one.  Then I found a small cake decorating tool, used for small amounts of icing.  It was a solid plastic one; almost like a small plastic mustard bottle.  Even that didn’t work well.  It was made for icing, not liquid.  It leaked more than it got into the flask.

I must say, the flask is still full though.  I got to the party and wasn’t feeling well.  So I didn’t drink.  I didn’t even eat much, and that is not me!  Who knows,  maybe I was suffering from a new ulcer from never being able to find a funnel!

(I use to write these daily posts a lot, but it has been a  while.  Forgive me for boring you as I work the rust out.)






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