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Undulate? Uh…

via Daily Prompt: Undulate

Well we know I like to write daily, but undulate isn’t in this country boy’s daily vocabulary.  I’ve heard it before, but I admit that I had to look it up. So, forgive me if I use it in the wrong text.  I only have a few moments to put down some words.


Roe-Jan Kill

There is a creek called the Roe-Jan Kill,

Jackson Corners named it there own.

A great place to swim and fish;

Or just to get away for time alone.

On April first, trouts opening day,

People swarm from all around.

Shoulder to Shoulder, they fight for a spot.

Then they leave their beer cans lying around.

 But if you visit the water on a calm spring day,

As it’s undulating down its path;

Wade silently watching the eagles fly;

What more peace can an angler hath?


I’m dedicating this poem to my late friend Jessica Wyant-Pendleton.  She was a beautiful, talented, Native-American woman.  The featured image that I used for this post is her pencil drawing of the Jackson Corners bridge, spanning over the Roe-Jan Kill.  As you can see, the creek not only means a lot to me; but it has a place in the hearts of many Dutchess and Ulster County, NY residents.  To those who knew Jessica, how peaceful and kind; we can no longer visit the creek without her on our mind.










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