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Do Your Homework!

via Daily Prompt: Study

The Daily Prompt word today was “Study.”  I just mentioned last week that I am finishing my bachelors online.  I am 100% disabled and the degree will only be for a little self-esteem, but I am glad that I am doing it. I am down to having only one class to take next quarter and I will be finished.  Although, I did say that the one thing that I learned from this experience (to quote myself) “I love to read and write anything but homework.”

The thing is, no matter what you want to do, you have to do your homework.  As an angler, many of us don’t get out in the extreme of the winter; at least not as much.  We are not all fortunate enough to live in the south in that aspect.  It is the perfect time to study.  If you want to be a catcher, and not just a fisher, learn the skills.  It is not just luck.  Yes, there are days when even the best get skunked.  But there are more days when they are nailing fish while you aren’t catching any.

Fly fishing is my favorite, but I love all types of fresh and saltwater fishing.  Not only that, I like tying flies and making custom rods.  Whenever I am not doing these things, I am trying to learn new skills.  I watch YouTube videos, read books and magazines, flip through catalogs for the newest supplies, read other blogs, get ideas from other fly tyers and rod builders, and of course go to my Project Healing Waters meetings.

So whether you are finishing school, or just want to do better at anything, STUDY!




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